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Publications by the Society

One aim of the Society has been to carry out research on topics relevant to the history of Drymen and district and to prepare reports to be included in the archive established in Drymen library.

Following the launch of the Open University's "Histories for the Millennium" scheme the Society's committee agreed that the Society would aim to prepare a series of occasional papers. Once the research had been undertaken, and the papers prepared, copies would be lodged in Drymen Library and given to the Open University's "Histories for the Millennium" scheme. The style of these occasional papers would be similar to those already completed by one of our members, Jim Leiper, and the length would be some 2,000 to 3,000 words. In the longer term, if funding could be obtained, a combined compendium of the papers could be produced.

A number of topics were linked with members who had shown an interest in researching them or had already begun research. The initial aim was to produce 7 papers but such was the enthusiasm that eleven papers were prepared and most exceeded the proposed length!

As work progressed on these projects funding was obtained from the "Awards for All" scheme from the UK lottery. This enabled the work to be professionally published as a single volume, "A Millennium Account of Drymen & District" as the Society's contribution to the Millennium celebrations.

A Millennium Account of Drymen & District

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The compendium, running to 155 pages, was published in 2000 and is available for purchase for £9 from Drymen library or direct from the Society's Secretary.
The eleven papers are :-

  1. "A General History" written by Jim Leiper;
  2. "Drymen Parish Church" written by Walter Hemfrey.
  3. "Tales from a Country Churchyard, Drymen 2000, The Artisan, The Minister and The Laird,1-Chance Encounters" written by Walter Hemfrey.
  4. "Tales from a Country Churchyard, Drymen 2000, The Artisan, The Minister and The Laird, 2-Finis" (The story of the Maclachlans of Auchentroig) written by Walter Hemfrey.
  5. "A Millennium Account of Drymen District, Early Rural Industry: Gartness" written by Jim Leiper.
  6. "The Story of Gateside House, The People who have Lived and Worked There" written by Jean Bowman.
  7. "The Govanes of Drumquhassle" written by Jim Leiper.
  8. "Buchanan Parish, The Land and The People 1700 - 1850" written by Jenny Oswald.
  9. "Eric Liddell's Strathendrick Forebears" written by Carol Hemfrey
  10. "A Community in Wartime: Drymen, Croftamie and Buchanan in the Second World War" written by Alison Brown
  11. "A Selection of Renowned Residents of Drymen" written by Carol Hemfrey.

Later Publications

Since the completion of the Millennium Account further papers have been produced from time to time. These are also available for purchase from Drymen Library or from the Society's Secretary.
The papers are :-